What to do when someone tries to make you look bad (10 important tips)

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Is somebody making an attempt to make you look unhealthy at work or in your private life?

It’s simple to lash out and reply aggressively and instinctively, however I wish to counsel a wiser method.

Right here’s easy methods to take somebody’s efforts to sabotage you and switch it proper again on them with none of the vindictiveness or mess.

What to do when somebody tries to make you look unhealthy

There are a number of conditions the place others might attempt to make us look unhealthy, particularly at work or in social conditions.

When it occurs, resist the urge to lash out or take revenge.

On the similar time, take note of these 10 essential recommendations on easy methods to reply.

1) Don’t simply snigger it off

I handled bullying rising up and social exclusion later in life, together with in work and social contexts.

My response was usually gentle. I might dismiss feedback placing me down or mocking me and snigger at my very own expense.

What hurt can it do? I assumed…


The hurt it could possibly do is definitely so much. When you don’t respect and arise for your self, no person else will both.

If you wish to know what to do when somebody tries to make you look unhealthy, the first step is to take it significantly.

As a lot as this particular person may attempt to persuade you it’s only for enjoyable, sabotaging any person and making them really feel terrible just isn’t a joke.

I like Stephanie Vozza’s recommendation on this:

“When you do discover proof of sabotage, take it significantly.

“Collect proof to help your perception that you’re being undermined and sabotaged.”

2) Deal with the roots

When you lash out straight away at somebody who’s making an attempt to spoil your picture and make you are feeling crappy, you run the danger of it occurring once more in a good worse method.

As an alternative, it’s essential to deal with the roots of why this individual is making an attempt to spoil your popularity.

The rationale may very well be for financial acquire, a promotion, respect and a focus and even simply out of spite.

However on the root of all of those motivations is usually one principal problem: intense insecurity.

People who find themselves safe in their very own skills and selves don’t trouble making an attempt to chop others down as a result of they’re too busy constructing themselves up.

Whoever is doing this to you probably has some critical shallowness and self-confidence points.

I’m not saying to really feel sorry for them, however I’m saying to speak with them one-on-one.

Which brings me to tip three.

3) Speak to them one-on-one

Typically in social conditions or work, a foul apple might attempt to make you look unhealthy by counting on the facility of group stress.

In different phrases, they’ll attempt to present you up as incompetent, ill-intentioned or weak in entrance of the group as a complete.

They then sit again with arms folded as the priority and mockery of the group begins to escalate on the rumors being unfold about you.

“Oh my God, did Bob significantly inform the CEO he wants one other extension? The man is so f*cking lazy…”

You, Bob, hear them speaking about you want this and are torn between responding to defend your self or staying quiet.

Little do individuals know that your spouse is gravely in poor health and also you’ve been fully distracted from work as a consequence of that.

You wish to inform all of your coworkers to close the hell up…

As an alternative, go discover the supply of this nasty gossip and confront her or him.

Speak to them one-on-one. Allow them to know that if they’ve issues about you or an issue they will come discuss to you personally slightly than behind-your-back.

Keep away from anger or accusation. Simply ask them how they want it in case you started spreading inaccurate or unfair rumors about them behind their again.

4) Give your self an influence enhance

If somebody is making an attempt to make you look unhealthy, you have got each proper to deal with their unacceptable habits.

On the similar time, paying it an excessive amount of consideration can go away you feeling much more overwhelmed and helpless.

At occasions like this, the most effective factor to do is definitely to faucet into your private energy.

Insecure and jealous individuals like to attempt to tear us down, however the fact is all of us have an unimaginable quantity of energy and potential inside us.

The unhappy factor is that the majority of us by no means faucet into it. We develop into slowed down in self-doubt and limiting beliefs and start specializing in the naysayers who attempt to sabotage us.

We cease doing what brings us true happiness.

I discovered a few distinctive and efficient strategy to discover your true private energy from the famend Brazilian shaman Rudá Iandê.

He’s helped hundreds of individuals align work, household, spirituality, and love to allow them to unlock the door to their private energy and cease letting the world sap them of power and drive.

He has a singular method that mixes conventional historical shamanic methods with a modern-day twist. It’s an method that makes use of nothing however your individual inside power – no gimmicks or pseudo New Age claims of snapping your fingers whereas saying “Om” and all of a sudden feeling nice.

In his glorious free video, Rudá explains how one can create the life you’ve at all times dreamed of and cease letting the voices of negativity drown you out, and it’s simpler than you may suppose.

So in case you’re uninterested in dwelling in frustration, dreaming however by no means attaining, and of dwelling in self-doubt, you should try his life-changing recommendation.

Click on right here to look at the free video.

5) Lower by way of the lies

As I stated, in lots of conditions it doesn’t work to confront a gaggle that’s been contaminated by somebody’s lies or rumors about you.

But when any person is making an attempt to make you look unhealthy in entrance of a gaggle together with mates, a liked one and even in entrance of strangers, it’s essential to guard your self as nicely.

Take a typical however seemingly trivial instance:

You’re out having dinner with a possible enterprise contact. You’re employed in the true property area and this individual is a serious developer who you actually wish to work with.

He will probably be coming along with his affiliate, one other high-up developer.

You meet at a restaurant and instantly discover this individual’s judgmental look at your non-expensive clothes.

Then, whereas scanning the menu, the man makes disparaging feedback about how possibly the costs are too excessive for you. His feminine colleague laughs.

You’re feeling emasculated and indignant, however don’t wish to snap again with one thing impolite in case it ruins your alternative.

Being overly defensive is insecure, however saying nothing or storming out makes you seem like a drip. One of the best response is one thing like:

“I got here right here to assist become profitable and assist us all get richer, to not act like I have already got it.”


You narrow by way of the bullsh*t angle they’re supplying you with and certain get fun and a few newfound respect as nicely.

6) Dial down the niceness

Emotional manipulators, narcissists and psychologically abusive individuals is usually a bit like non secular sharks.

They search out somebody who is good, variety or forgiving after which prey on them.

It’s horrific to look at, and it’s not a lot enjoyable to expertise both.

When you are usually the “good man” or “tremendous chill lady,” attempt to dial down the niceness a bit.

Be good to those that deal with you nicely and respect you.

Don’t give your time, power, compassion and assist away.

You haven’t any obligation to empower poisonous and manipulative individuals.

Plus, consider it this fashion:

The extra you let your self be used, put down or shamed by others the extra likelihood they’ll acquire momentum and mistreat different individuals after you.

Finish the cycle. Be much less good.

7) Don’t let it go to your head

A well-liked saying has it that you simply shouldn’t let reward go to your head. The that means is that you simply shouldn’t suppose you’re so nice that you simply get sloppy and begin taking success with no consideration.

The identical goes within the reverse:

You shouldn’t let the criticisms and poisonous habits of others go to your head.

You’ll be able to defend your self, confront them one-on-one, empower your self and be clear in your boundaries, however you don’t have to take it personally.

The tougher somebody tries to make you look unhealthy, the extra pathetic of an individual they’re.

Who does that? Actually…

Be safe as a lot as doable in your self and know that if others are attempting to actively sabotage you then they’re scared or threatened by you indirectly.

Bear in mind what commerce union chief Nicholas Klein famously stated:

“First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. After which they assault you and wish to burn you. After which they construct monuments to you.”

(The quote is usually falsely attributed to Indian independence chief Mahatma Gandhi however was initially spoken by Klein).

8) Get clear by yourself goal

Among the best ways for what to do when somebody tries to make you look unhealthy is to get clear by yourself goal.

As an alternative of listening to the ways in which they’re trashing you and making an attempt to fill you with self-doubt, deal with what you wish to accomplish in life.

OK, simple sufficient to say, proper?

However first we have to give you a central mission for you in life, in different phrases: your goal.


What would you say if I requested you what your goal is?

It’s a tough query!

And there are far too many individuals making an attempt to inform you it’ll simply “come to you” and to deal with “elevating your vibrations” or discovering some obscure form of inside peace.

It doesn’t work. I’ve tried.

Self-help gurus are on the market preying on individuals’s insecurities to become profitable and promoting them on methods which actually don’t work for attaining your goals.



Sage burning ceremonies with some vaguely indigenous chanting music within the background.

Hit pause.

The reality is that visualization and optimistic vibes gained’t convey you nearer to your goals, and so they can truly drag you backwards into losing your life on a fantasy.

As an alternative, do one thing that truly works.

I discovered in regards to the energy of discovering your goal from watching Ideapod co-founder Justin Brown’s video on the hidden lure of bettering your self.

Justin was hooked on the self-help business and New Age gurus similar to me. They bought him on ineffective visualization and optimistic considering methods.

He went in circles losing his time, cash and power on these frauds till he discovered a brand new path that introduced him readability, dedication and enthusiasm for the primary time in years.

And he discovered it deep within the jungles of Brazil, as Justin explains on this free video.

After watching the video, I additionally found my distinctive goal in life and it’s no exaggeration to say it was a turning level in lastly getting over the video games and manipulative behaviors of some poisonous individuals round me.

9) Make them look determined

I’ve emphasised right here that tit-for-tat responses when somebody tries to make you look unhealthy are usually not the way in which to go.

That is true.

Nevertheless, in some instances you possibly can hit again slightly by making them look determined.

Anyone who’s making an attempt to spoil your popularity or gaslight you possibly can typically be simply taken down by merely mentioning how obsessed they’re with you.

“Thanks for worrying a lot about me and for the free psychological evaluation, man. I’ll be OK. Maintain your self, OK?” is an instance of an efficient comeback.

It additionally reveals the individuals round this poisonous individual how odd their obsession with you is.

10) Utterly ignore their hijinks

When you’re ready to take action, probably the greatest responses for what to do when somebody tries to make you look unhealthy is to fully ignore them.

If their habits is immature, silly or irrelevant to your life, do your finest to only let it float on by.

Don’t even dignify it with any response.

Proceed on your online business and let the idiocy move you by.

Take the excessive highway?

On the subject of what to do when somebody tries to make you look unhealthy, don’t fear about taking the excessive highway or the low highway.

As an alternative, take the efficient highway.

And right here’s the reality:

To be efficient you should develop your individual energy, keep on with your boundaries and provides your consideration to those that deserve it.

Good luck!

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