Empath Vs Narcissist – The Toxic Relationship Between An Empath And A Narcissist

Opposites entice. We nearly at all times use this phrase as a constructive marker of a relationship going properly. This occurs as a result of we perceive the phrase “attraction” as being loaded with a constructive connotation, forgetting that it’s only a situation of being pulled collectively. The attraction won’t at all times result in pleasure. The poisonous love between an empath vs narcissist is one such type.

The empath vs narcissist equation may be described as the other sides of a coin, two extremes of a spectrum of sensitivity. They match like a puzzle, two halves of a damaged piece, fulfilling one another’s wants. However, paradoxically, the entire of this narcissist and empath relationship is rarely a radiant blooming supply of pleasure however damaged shards of abuse and toxicity.

A narcissist empath relationship exists as a result of narcissism by definition is a scarcity of empathy. A narcissist is unable to narrate to different individuals’s emotions whereas an empath goes so far as contemplating not simply different individuals’s emotions however their issues as their very own. A narcissist feeds off an empath like a parasite, and an empath permits it as a result of it fulfills their pathological want to provide. What outcomes from this poisonous relationship between an empath and narcissist is a one-sided transaction of sensitivity, care, consideration and love.

To interrupt the spell of this poisonous attraction between empaths and narcissists, it is very important acknowledge their traits. Between the dichotomy of empath vs narcissist, when you determine as both of the 2, it is likely to be step one towards therapeutic your relationship or saving your self.

What Is A Narcissist?

Are you aware a self-absorbed megalomaniac who claims they’re very delicate, however their sensitivity is at all times directed towards their very own feelings, utterly impervious to the sentiments of others? Do they at all times demand consideration by seemingly innocent ways of speaking an excessive amount of about themselves to indulging in aggressive attention-seeking conduct? Do they take pleasure in extreme self-praise, blatantly demanding admiration? Chances are high the one that involves your thoughts whenever you consider this description is a narcissist.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Handbook of Psychological Problems (DSM) describes narcissists as exhibiting a persistent sample of “grandiosity, a scarcity of empathy for different individuals, and a necessity for admiration.” It lists different, extra particular traits. For instance, “a preoccupation with fantasies of limitless success, energy, brilliance, magnificence, or preferrred love”. Or “perception that one is particular.” Or “exploitation of others”and “envy of others” amongst others. Whereas a analysis by a psychological well being care practitioner is important to ascertain a Narcissistic Persona Dysfunction(NPD), some quantity of self-education may assist acknowledge toxicity in your empath vs narcissist relationship, permitting you to hunt help.

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What Is An Empath?

On the flip aspect, do you end up between the traces of this text since you really feel drained from feeling an excessive amount of, depleted from giving an excessive amount of? Do you at all times end up in different individuals’s sneakers, feeling what they’re feeling – embarrassment, ache, guilt, loneliness, rejection? Do you are likely to get too concerned in different individuals’s issues attempting to resolve them like they have been your personal? Do you are feeling drawn in direction of being a caregiver, a listening ear? Do you are feeling the burden of care? Are you the “agony aunt” of your social circle? Have you ever been advised you’re too delicate? Chances are high you’re an empath.

An empath is an individual who has empathy greater than the typical individual. As per the Encyclopedia of Social Psychology, empathy is outlined as understanding one other individual’s expertise by imagining oneself in that different individual’s scenario. Empaths are extremely receptive to the feelings of different individuals and energies round them. They have a tendency to simply discern the vibe of their environment and may really feel different individuals’s emotions as in the event that they have been their very own.

This may sound like a superpower however finally ends up inflicting empaths a number of stress and exhaustion as they spend their lives taking up the ache of others along with their very own ache. Recognizing these traits in your self may assist you in recognizing this self-destructive tendency and searching for assist to handle the burden you’ve taken upon your self in your empath vs narcissist relationship.

empath and narcissist relationship
Empaths endure a number of stress and exhaustion as they spend their lives taking up the ache of others

Empath Vs Narcissist

Since it’s evident that empath vs narcissist are two extremes of the spectrum of empathy, what narcissists lack, empaths have rather a lot to provide making theirs an emotionally abusive relationship. Narcissists make themselves the focal point, empaths like to provide all their consideration to somebody.

Narcissists demand to be taken care of, to be liked, to be cared for, empaths really feel the necessity to care for somebody, to lend a serving to hand, to nurture. Narcissists imagine everyone seems to be envious of them, is out to get them or harm them.

Narcissists discover their egos typically bruised, whereas empaths have a unconscious compulsion to be the savior, to heal the wounded. These starkly complementary traits make the ill-fated poisonous attraction between empaths and narcissists inevitable.

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Why Do Empaths Entice Narcissists?

Empaths entice narcissists exactly due to these opposable and complementary traits. When narcissists will not be smug, they give the impression of being assured and assertive. To a weak emotionally light empath in an empath narcissist relationship, that’s a lovely high quality. To the narcissist, the empath’s people-pleasing persona is conducive.

Equally, when a narcissist finds their ego bruised —which they typically do—the unconscious intuition within the empath to be the savior takes maintain of them and drives them to exit of their approach to soothe the injuries of the narcissist. Empaths spend infinite time and vitality listening to narcissists vent, giving them the eye they search, showering them with phrases of sympathy and compliments. However an empath by no means tries to interrupt freed from this burden as a result of they’re extra conscious of the sense of achievement and objective this transaction provides them than the tiredness they really feel.

Merely put, an empath attracts a narcissist as a result of the capability of an empath to like is immense and all {that a} narcissist wants is somebody to worship them. The void of affection and admiration in a narcissist is a magnet that instantly pulls an empath shut right into a neverending cycle of a poisonous relationship.

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Understanding The Relationship Between Narcissist And Empath

Early on in an empath vs narcissist relationship, the narcissist spends time enriching the connection, subconsciously conscious that in the long term, it will likely be of profit to them. Since narcissists are assertive and outgoing, they could make grand gestures of affection to solidify the connection. An empath in a relationship with a narcissist is often utterly smitten, a worshiper. As soon as an empath is emotionally invested to this diploma it’s often very tough for them to point out resistance, break up and get out of it.

Empaths are well-meaning individuals with a honest want to like and heal others. They’re pushed by concord and have a tendency to keep away from battle in any respect prices. These qualities serve the aim of the narcissists very successfully, who want somebody to admire them and put them on a pedestal throughout good occasions whereas being a straightforward sufferer of emotional manipulation and taking the blame for all their ache throughout tough occasions.

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Unhealthy Poisonous Empath-Narcissist Relationship

Fairly actually like a moth to a flame, an empath is drawn to a narcissist solely to search out their very own spirit go up in smoke. Destroyed. An empath and narcissist marriage is extraordinarily conditional and subsequently fragile. It won’t flip into separation, or divorce, as a result of each events are fairly actually addicted to one another, but it surely may trigger a number of ache and agony to the empath.

Narcissists take pleasure in all types of abuse, bodily coercion in addition to as emotional manipulation to get their approach. When an empath tries to interrupt free, a narcissist might use gaslighting within the relationship to coax them into believing that they’re being oversensitive, imply and egocentric. In search of assist is sort of unattainable for a narcissist since they lack the self-awareness to acknowledge the scope for self-improvement, believing they’re at all times proper. So, the onus of addressing this dysfunction in an empath vs narcissist relationship additionally finally ends up on the shoulders of the empath.

Right here comes the significance of help teams {and professional} psychological healthcare. In case you are a sufferer of abuse from a narcissistic associate or when you acknowledge your self as an empath unable to interrupt free however wish to rise up for your self, please search remedy and discover help in your group. Educating oneself, drawing clear boundaries and searching for skilled assist, are the first steps to releasing oneself from the poisonous relationship between a narcissist and an empath.


1. Can an empath change a narcissist?

No. A narcissist won’t change as they aren’t able to the self-awareness or self-criticism and even compassion for the struggling of others that’s wanted to drive the change. The premise of a narcissistic character is that they’ve exaggerated concepts of self-importance. To them, they’re by no means unsuitable. If in any respect it’s doable, the necessity for change ought to have to come back from inside a narcissist to enhance their very own situation.

2. What occurs when an empath leaves a narcissist?

When an empath leaves a narcissist, an empath is first surrounded by self-doubt, pondering they’re overreacting or are being imply. An empath instantly begins to doubt that it’s them who’s a narcissist. Furthermore, like an addict on withdrawal, a narcissist will do the whole lot of their fingers to deliver the empath again into their life for the continued survival of this empath vs narcissist transaction. This makes popping out of an empath and narcissist relationship extraordinarily tough. However with sufficient help out of your family members and a psychological well being skilled, it’s utterly doable.

3. Can a narcissist be trustworthy?

It’s tough for a narcissist to be trustworthy since they’re simply drawn to admiration and flattery from wherever. When a narcissist is an untrue partner, it isn’t as a lot concerning the different two individuals within the equation however themselves.

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